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Soft drinks

  • Lemonade :
    Lemonade is the historic product of L’ABEILLE since it is at the origin of the company’s creation in 1876. Supported by this long experience we still offer a traditional lemonade and we have followed the market trend by offering a diet version as well as an organic lemonade, strengthening our position as French leader.
    In order to respond to every type and moment of consumption, our range offers various sizes of PET bottles : 2 L, 1.5 L, 1 L, 50 cl and 33 cl.
    We also offer 30 L kegs for on premise.

  •  Colas :
    Colas represent our biggest sales volume and we offer a wide range from classic colas :
    - regular cola , diet cola, caffeine-free cola, caffeine-free diet cola, lemon diet cola,

     to more original colas :

    - srawberry cola, cherry cola ...
    We offer choice to consumers with different sizes of PET bottles : 2 L, 1.5 L, 50 cl, 33 cl, 25 cl.

  • Tonic water :
    The classic carbonated drink, tonic water, has been produced for several decades by L’ABEILLE, with a regular version as well as a diet version in order to meet consumer demand.
    The sizes available (1.5 L, 50 cl and 33 cl PET) are adapted to consumption habits (pure or mixed).

  • Sparkling fruit drinks :
    A delicate blending of fruit juices and sparkling water providing variety to our range of fruit drinks:
    - pulp drinks : orange, diet orange, blood orange, orange-mango, tropical fruits
    - classic pops : orangeade, lemon, citrus fruits
    - classic diet pops : citrus fruits, lemon-lime
    - innovative diet pops : apple-litchi, citrus-cranberry-raspberry, melon-lime, red fruits, pomegranate-raspberry ...
    - "diabolos" , without added sugar : "grenadine" and peach-apricot.

This range offers PET bottles in 2 L, 1.5 L, 50 cl, 33 cl and 25 cl.

Thanks to our new aseptic line, we can offer these fruits juices beverages without any preservative.

  • Energy drinks
    The latest addition to our family of products and we have innovated the bottle as well as the recipe developing black bottles and an energy drink with fruit juice.