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Our jobs

L’ABEILLE has developed various jobs connected to its activity. Here are some examples :
  • Syrup preparation technician:
    He/she constantly supplies the production lines with the syrup, ensures the cleaning of the lines as well as starting the production.
  • Blowing machine technician:
    He/she supervises the blowing machines, controls quality and traceability for pre-forms and bottles and makes size changes.
  • Filling and labelling operator:
    He/she supervises the machines, controls quality and hygiene and supplies the raw materials.
  • Packaging machine operator :
    He/she supervises the machines, controls quality and makes size changes.
  • Laboratory technician:
    He/she has a transversal mission, at the core of food safety and the satisfaction of the customers.
    He/she does physical-chemical and microbiological controls on raw materials, products being processed and finished products.
    He/she makes sure of product conformity and traceability control.
  • Maintenance technician:
    From a preventive maintenance plan, he/she assures the maintenance process on the production lines as well as technical improvements. All this is done while respecting food safety requirements, the reliability of the system and the quality of the product.
    He/she operates as part of curative maintenance : repairs faults or unexpected dysfunctions which might happen.
    He/she takes part in specific operations linked to production : new bottle sizes, new tools, new programmes.
  • Forklift operator (platform and production) :
    He/she does all the activities linked to delivery, storage, dispatch, order preparation, loading and unloading.
    He/she respects the stock management rules using the computer tools available.
  • Sales assistant :
    He/she manages customer orders :
    - For some large supermarket chain customers: co-managed inventory.
    - Integration or data acquisition of orders received : fax, EDI.
    - Follow-up of orders : control of stock availability working with the production planning manager, follow-up of customers and contact with transport companies.
    - Creation and validation of delivery notes.
    - Processing of contentious issues: returns, credit notes …
    - Data acquisition and follow up of contractual terms demanded by the sales department.